So you are interested in seeing one our gorgeous fresh face ladies?

Q: How do you guarantee your clients are provided by the very best service?

A: We understand that every client is looking for something different, therefor we aim to work alongside each individual client to work out their specifications and ideal booking. Call us New age Match makers! Once we have worked with our clients we then find which lady will best suit your requirements.

We will never send you a lady that doesn’t suit your personality! Our goal is for you to always have a great service! And in the case where it may not be met, you can always contact us for additional support to try and rectify. We are about transparency and honesty, We require both traits from clients and our staff so its only fair we provide that back.

Q: How accurate are the photos and information about your models?

A: Every single photo on our ladies profiles are 100% accurate. Whilst hiring all of our staff we frame certain requirements that our ladies must abide by, if in fact sizes change, hair colour or age, you’ll be the first to know with constant amendments on our website or booking process.

We work very hard on framing a great relationship with our ladies where we are in constant contact and provide them with our strict codes that they work very hard to maintain! Being a house of her lady comes with a lot of responsibility as you would understand!

Q: Do all of your ladies work full time? How do I make sure I can see a House of Her lady whenever I’d like too?

A: None of our ladies work full time, We aim for our girls to be on call a minimum of two nights a week! Any booking out of their working roster can still always be arranged with contact made to reception.

Q: Are there ways to see photos of your ladies faces un-blurred?

A: All photos of our ladies on our website are blurred, and for good reason! Our agency provides the most private of services. Our ladies are some of the most gorgeous woman in Melbourne, and with Australia being quite a small country we work really hard to maintain their identity! We can always provide information of skin tone, eye colour but will never display front of face images because just like you like your privacy our ladies like theirs! And our aim is to protect all parties! Don’t be alarmed tho! Their gorgeous angelic faces are like nothing you’ve seen before! And that’s just their face!

Q: How much notice do you need to make a booking?

A: The quicker you book the better chance you have on having the girl of your dreams! We always ask for at least 24 hours notice, but office is full functioning of an evening so if it’s a last minute booking, we can always get a lady out! But for specific ladies we ask a minimum of 24 hours, even up to a week for a holiday!

Q: How guaranteed that my identity and privacy will always be upheld?

A: We are absolute professionals when it comes to privacy. All booking information on our website and through your bank account is encrypted. We will never put you in a predicament where any of your personal information is spread or bought.

We are a discreet service, and we aim to always put your best interests first, hence why we have many measures we take to avoid anything on our website to be tracked. No transaction on your bank statements will ever say House of Her.

Q: How much does it cost to hire a lady for an evening?

A: We work on an hourly fee with every girl in our agency. Each girls price list is individual and can be found on their profile on our website
We run with the motto of Quality over Quantity so we will never overcharge for something that in our eyes isn’t worth every penny! Alternatively if you have a budget you require email us at and we will try our very hardest to help.

Q: Are there instances when I need to make payment in advance?

A: If one of our ladies is to be booked for longer than 12 hours, we will need payment made in advance, so we can secure accommodation, flights and travel arrangements. There will be occasions like when you’re paying through a card payment that we will hold a booking fee and that is always to secure your booking.

Q: Under what billing name shall I make payment for on my credit card, invoice or transfer statement?

A: Once we have made contact via telephone we will advise you of our billing name, As this is a very discreet service only our actual clients will have our billing name to secure it is only known by few and makes it harder to track.

Q: How do I pay the lady??

A: Payments made in cash or card will help get a lady to you as quick as you like! If you are wanting to make a transaction via BSB & ACCOUNT or CHEQUE, these will all need to hit our bank account before booking.

Q: Do I have to pay for the ladies travel?

A: For bookings in Melbourne’s heart of the city, no travel fee will be given, anything over a 45km radius from Melbourne’s CBD may include a fee. Please note, our ladies are some of the most lovely women you will ever have the chance to meet!

Please do not be cheap towards them, if there is something you wish to ask about payment, please ask admin staff, There is nothing more off putting than a client making or beautiful ladies feel bad about payment.

Q: Is there a maximum duration for my engagement with my desired model courtesan?

A: We ask all bookings start with a minimum two hour booking. That then confirms that extra bit of time where you can still get to know each other. One hour is never enough time for House of Her ladies. As for a max time ,As little or as long as you like as long as agreed with our lady.

They are the strong force of House of Her, We admire and appreciate every single one of them! If they decide the booking has come to an end, then we always accept that and thank them for their time, if in fact you are still interested in having a companion let admin know and we can cater to that. All we ask for is a firm line of communication.

Q: If I wish to cancel my appointment for some reason, what steps do I need to take?

A: As you can understand if you wish to cancel an appointment please give us as much notice as possible, if you choose to reschedule your appointment, you will not loose your booking fee, if you in fact plan to completely cancel your booking, you will loose your booking fee in full.

We say this as a lot of time and effort goes into preparing our ladies for their time with you. If you choose to reschedule, We will move your booking into the next available time slot that suits you and our wonderful lady!

Q: Where would I meet my chosen model escort?

A: All bookings made we offer the first meeting to be in one of Melbourne’s swanky hotels! That there is a great place to start off with our ladies! If you live locally that’s fine, but we may ask for additional info before booking to secure safety of our staff.

Q: Do you have models who are available for in-call requests?

A: We are an outbound facility only, if you are looking for somewhere to go we also can wear that hat of finding you a great place in the city! Just let us know!

Q: Do you allow conversations with the model before the actual appointment?

A: That’s a firm no. There is a reason why we are the middle man here, and that’s to protect everyone’s identity and privacy. We will not stray from that. We want everyone to feel safe whilst they let their hair down.

Q: What is expected from me during the booking with one of house of hers lovely ladies?

A: Firstly, we ask that on arrival you have the payment in the view of the ladies eyes, and make it known to her you also intend of getting it out of the way! Secondly, we ask you to always be well groomed! Our ladies drool over the smell of fresh cologne!

Always to have your teeth clean, and a shower before every booking, we also ask you always have fresh clean towels laid out for our ladies for the end of their booking so they too can freshen up! We ask you to always be courteous and well mannered.